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Our Values

Social and environmental responsibility is at the heart of what we do. Our aim is to bring innovative architectural product solutions to market and avoid activities which do harm to people or the environment.

Best Practice

We operate to the highest standards of transparency and honesty with our suppliers and our clients. We place a strong emphasis on service – indeed this is one of the ways we are different – and our promise is to ensure you have all the support you need from us, at every stage of the design and installation process.


Our products are fully traceable back to their source.  We regularly visit factories, quarries and processing facilities to check social and environmental standards.


The wellbeing of workers is of paramount importance to us.  Many of our sources fall under EU law with regards to health & safety at work and go further still, implementing wider social responsibility policies and projects for workers and their communities.


With regards to our stone products – much of the stone we supply is either extracted entirely by hand or cut from the quarry face with saw and low impact quarrying techniques that minimises stone wastage. CO2 emissions are kept low with stone processing taking place within or close to the quarries wherever possible and onward transportation rationalised to minimise the environmental impact.

This regard for carbon footprint and sustainable practice extends to our other products too. Out timber products are sourced from forests which maintain the biodiversity and ecosystem of that forest, and are available with certification (FSC, PEFC) to ensure that the timber you select has been sourced with care and consideration for the environment – and the social and economic well-being of forest workers – in mind.

Whenever we source a new product or material we endeavour to research the sustainable and social impact of such products, and carefully assess and consider their ethical value before bringing them to market.