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Project Management

Professional and effective project management and a coordinated programme design is a vital foundation for the successful outcome of any project. Specifying and sourcing are only one aspect of the process, and the correct transition to site and the implementation phase which follows must be managed in detail – with critical paths and potential hurdles anticipated in advance – in order to achieve a smooth and successful  outcome. Whether we are time-lining the delivery and offloading of a single articulated lorry, or coordinating the supply of containers to feed the installation of a complex overseas installation, we apply process management systems which :


–  schedule all aspects of the delivery & installation process through advance programming
– accommodate national and international freight transfer and storage
– schedule deliveries to difficult site locations
– coordinate closely with other site teams and managers
– maintain and assess the ongoing programme impact on budgets 


With our extensive implementation experience both at home and overseas, and our coordinated logistics network, we are able to manage projects effectively and efficiently to ensure they are delivered as seamlessly as possible, on time and on budget.



Project Management
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