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The original Cradle-to-Cradle GOLD certified Glaskeramik is an exceptional and sustainable product which provides solutions for a wide range of applications. Benefiting from recent technological advances in large format panel production, Glaskeramik is made from 100% recycled glass under German quality standards and is ideal for situations where a non-porous and self cleaning finish is required e.g. external cladding, or for bar and kitchen worktops and semi-transparent backlit features.


Technical Summary

Colours : Polar White; Ice Nugget; Jade; Ocean Blue; Green; Champagne Brown; Black
Dimensions : Large format slabs at 2800mm x 1250mm
Thickness : 20mm standard. Other thicknesses available to order

Finishes :
Polished one face
Polished front and back faces
Patinated one face (textured matt)

Fabrication :  Can be cut to any size and shape, with various edge profile options applied. Curved faces available to special order.
Applications : External and internal situations, including – cladding, backlit wall features, bar and kitchen tops.
Country of origin : Germany
Availability : From stock

Green Finishes

Glaskeramik® Colour Range

Glaskeramik® Project Examples