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Irish Fossil Limestone

A natural and textural material, Irish Fossil Limestone is beautifully suited to both interior and exterior spaces.

Used for centuries in the prestigious and stately buildings of Ireland and Europe, this blue limestone developed a well-earned reputation for classic and timeless elegance.

Available in a wide range of interior and exterior tiles, as well as large slabs for kitchen worktops, boardroom tables, hotel receptions etc. Alternatively, blocks of stone can be cut to bespoke shapes and sizes, such as street furniture, seats and other 3-dimensional pieces, which serves as a great way to display the wonderful diversity of colour and fossil patterns contained within the material.

Irish Fossil Limestone Formation

370 Million years ago, at the floor of a shallow sea, a rich, coral-like fauna and prehistoric shellfish thrived in the warm waters. Carried by the waves into inshore areas, the spent shells and corals combined with the sediment to form a unique and compact natural stone.

Irish Fossil Limestone is not only one of the most compact sedimentary rocks, the fossil fragments create a distinctive appearance. Finely dispersed carbon throughout the stone mass results in a typical, blue-grey colour.

Irish Fossil Limestone Project Examples