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Italian Porphyry


There is nothing quite like Italian Porphyry to add warm long lasting colour to any scheme. Whether for an internal or external application, including  paving, tiling, cladding, as a kitchen worktop or street furniture – Porphyry offers unmatched strength & durability combined with a subtle and contemporary colour pallet that sets it apart from all other forms of stone.


There are many benefits to buying Italian Trentino Porphyry…


–  Fully traceable with Trentino board of control provenance

–  A greener more sustainable option

–  Excellent Wellbeing  for porphyry workers 

–  Incredibly strong and hard-wearing material

–  Distinctive colour palette to choose from

–  Hand quarried and hand finished

–  A special and unusual stone to make a prestigious difference


For a full and comprehensive review of this special stone, see our Italian Porphyry website here

Italian Porphyry types…


There are two main types of Italian Porphyry stone :


–  Dimension stone cut by saw from the quarry in large blocks, which are then finished in a factory into sawn slabs, tiles, kitchen worktop etc.

–  Split stone where the stone is split and guillotined entirely within the quarry, mostly for exterior landscape applications.

Dimension Stone Colours…

Dimension Stone Examples…

Split Stone Colours…

Split Stone Porphyry combines a range of naturally occurring colours to make a porphyry colour ‘mix’.

The standard mixes are :

–  Classic Mix : a combination of Plum, Brown, Red, Grey, Ochre

–  Plum/Brown Mix : darker than classic mix, comprising mostly Plum, Brown, with less Red, Grey and Ochre

–  Plum/Red Mix : mostly Plum and Red, with less Brown, Grey and Ochre


Contact us for more details on the various sizes available for Split Stone or see our Italian Porphyry website here