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Ledmore Marble


This stunningly beautiful British stone is the only true marble on mainland Britain and is consequently treasured across the globe. Ledmore usually consists of large white veins resulting from calcium compounds, lime green veining originating from copper compounds, and greys and blacks from organic compounds; in short a facsimile of British geological history.

With the initial deposits laid down 600 million years ago, the veining is relatively young at 430 million years.

Typical slab sizes are 2m x 1m; however they can vary.


British Stone from Britannicus


“I am passionate about British stones and marbles. They are true marvels of nature and geology; luminescent, beautiful, rare and unique.” Orlando Boyne – Britannicus Stone

Britannicus Stone is the world’s leading provider of British stones and marbles. Sourcing only the very best carboniferous limestones from the depths of the beautiful British landscape, Britannicus has unrivalled expertise in the quarrying and presentation of a huge range of rare and unique stone pieces to adorn interior and exterior spaces.

The Ethical Stone Company has partnered with Britannicus Stone to gain exclusive access to over 25 polishing stones and marble in Britain. British rocks are the under-discovered gems of the stone market, each with its own particular characteristic – from the warmth of the fossil rich Yorkshire Swaledale to the brooding dark depths of Ashburton from Devon.