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Pfraundorf Dolomite Limestone


With a warm grey/beige appearance and hard wearing properties, Pfraundorf Dolomite is a versatile limestone with a colour to complement a wide range of architectural contexts.


Pfraundorf Dolomite is an extremely hard wearing and weather resistant limestone. It is quarried in big blocks – cut by wire saw – which provides the possibility for large format pieces, from cropped sided paving and edging products, to precision cut dimension stone.

Geologically located on top of the Jura Limestone layers, Pfraundorf Dolomite has a warm beige/grey appearance, which lends itself very well to large areas of paving or cladding panels spanning broad facades.

Quality is consistent and delivery times are short due to the long established production facilities located within the quarry in Pfraundorf, Eastern Bavaria. A wide range of finishes can be applied including honed, polished, bush hammered and many more, as well as natural split face.   >> See below for project examples

Quarry: Kinding/Pfraundorf, Germany

Pfraundorf Dolomite Finishes

Project Examples