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Genesis Volcanic Tuff

Tuff is an extraordinary type of volcanic rock consisting of volcanic ash, which has been consolidated and compressed into a lightweight, yet immensely strong stone. With an appealing range of warm colour tones the rock texture displays the story of explosive volcanic eruptions, which mixed volcanic ash with larger fragments to create a distinctive ‘porphyritic’ lava rock that is suitable for a wide range of external and internal applications.

Genesis StoneBrick™

We provide a range of lightweight, cut-to-size, Genesis StoneBrick™. The current market demand is for longer bricks, a format  which can be easily incorporated into Genesis StoneBrick™. In fact, the size potential is virtually unlimited and bricks with lengths of 600-1000 mm can easily be achieved.

There are real environmental benefits to specifiying Volcanic Stonebricks too. Conventional brick production involves a great deal of heat and associated carbon emissions. As with all natural stone products there is no intensive energy required during the extraction process, with the work having been previously carried out millions of years ago by mother nature. The cutting of the stone is carried out using low energy saw methods, and neither the extraction nor the fabrication processes employs any harmful chemicals. Water is used to cool the saws which cut the stone blocks, which is then recycled in a closed loop system at the Tuff quarry. And with a density of only 1500kg kg/m3 Tuff typically weighs 20-30% less than other comparable products including clay bricks; this lighter weight helps to accelerate work and installation processes, reduces transportation costs, among many other advantages.

Volcanic Tuff  stone products surpass environmental  standards designated as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) compliant by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Genesis StoneBrick™ Colour Range

Volcanic Tuff Colour Quarry