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Project Overview

The result is a 100% water permeable forecourt – free from land drains and gulleys – that complements the colour of the existing brickwork and adds tangible value to the property itself.  Jane Holtham’s design of the forecourt and front garden includes new walls and gateways, and a delightful array of new planting, including; olive trees, lavender, box hedges and waves of blue, purple and white and herbaceous perennials.

Working with Jane Holtham Garden Designer and JGA Design Ltd. (construction), we were commissioned to supply and install 300m2 porphyry cubes of special violet mix colour. The client had seen similar schemes in Italy, where a classic bogen interlocking arc pattern is combined with bands of white marble highlights. However, for the UK, the contrast with white marble would be too harsh so a subtler design utilising a brown and violet mix of porphyry, interspersed with arcs of lighter grey porphyry was installed.

The entire pavement is installed in a flexible, free-draining matrix of Steintec tuffgrit, which, once compacted, provides an incredibly durable wearing and bedding course that is capable of withstanding loadings in excess of 15 tonnes and interlocked to create complete resistance to vehicle turning motions.