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Project Overview

More than twice as strong as natural basalt, Volkanite® cast basalt has been used successfully in heavy industrial applications for over 60 years.   Basalt casting was originally developed in the Czech Republic to be used as a replacement to iron and steel which was in short supply after WWII – the crushed natural basalt is heated back to molten lava and then poured into moulds to make components such as pipes and floor tiles, which are incredibly hard wearing and abrasion resistant >> See video here

Volkanite®  cast basalt has recently been introduced for the first time for a range of architectural applications including external paving; floor tiles; cladding and special surfaces.  With unrivalled abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and flexural strength, Volkanite® delivers dramatic and aesthetically unique paving solutions for public open spaces, pavements, courtyards and many other situations.