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Surface Spotlight – Genesis StoneBrick™

Genesis StoneBrick™

Ingenious, strong, and very very long, Genesis StoneBricks are not only aesthetically fascinating, they have a number of key advantages over clay bricks. And as you’ll see, they have a very interesting story of origin to tell.

Take one large stratovolcano, an eruption or two, and volcanic ash rains down in the valleys for miles around. Add a few millennia, and the ash becomes hard and compact under pressure from further eruptions raining tonnes of volcanic debris from above. This ash is called Volcanic Tuff,  aptly named as the resulting material is surprisingly lightweight yet incredibly tough!



“Beyond facing brick aesthetics with engineering brick performance” 

Quarried from the valleys around Mount Ararat in Armenia (a dormant volcano considered a sacred mountain by the Armenians, and of course the fabled resting place of Noah’s Ark) Genesis StoneBricks make an innovative alternative to the conventional clay brick, for a number of reasons :

Firstly and most strikingly they can be supplied in a variety of long lengths, including a virtually unlimited combination of sizes e.g. 1000mm long by 40mm high at a width of 100mm.  In other words, you specify the length, height and width and take control of the production process to create walls in perfect form and function.

Secondly with a compressive strength of 57 N/mm2, the performance rating of a Genesis StoneBrick puts it close to an engineering brick category, whilst maintaining a facing brick texture aesthetic. In addition, the water absorption is 11.2% making it close to ideal for maximum bonding between mortar and brick.

Thirdly, the range of colours available allows you, the specifier, to draw on a pallet of rich warm tones and distinctive porphyritic textures.