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Manchester, birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, where Charles Rolls met Henry Royce, home of the modern computer, Oasis and The Smiths; industry, engineering and creativity is the DNA that built Manchester.

To the northwest of the city is Pendlebury, where the painter L.S. Lowry lived and home to the factory where Ethical Stone Terrazzo is made. Traditional cement terrazzo has been made for over 80 years in Pendlebury, but now for the first time we have introduced a ground-breaking milestone in low-carbon cement technology : exclusively UK sourced stone chippings bound together in an ultra-low carbon alternative to Ordinary Portland Cement;


“A UK first for the terrazzo industry and continuing the innovative tradition of Manchester’s founding pioneers.”


For over 250 years Manchester has been symbolised by the worker bee – representing the strong work ethic of the people of Manchester, as well as a city that is a hive of ideas and buzzing with life.