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Austral Dream Marble

From our exclusive Australian marble collection, ‘Austral Dream’ (also known as Dolce Vita) is a famous classic creamy white marble quarried from the Pilbara region of the Western Australian outback.

Pilabara is a large region of Western Australia which is known for its extremely high temperatures; ancient Aboriginal landscapes; its vast mineral deposits – particularly the iron ore which creates the distinctive burnt red earth that typifies this part of the Australian continent.

The geology of Australia is richly fascinating, and includes virtually all known rock types and from all geological time periods spanning over 3.8 billion years of the Earth’s history. In fact, it is the ancient rock formations of the Pilbara region which provides evidence to put the origin of life on earth back to 3,400–3,500 million years, due to stromatolites in particular rock sequences.

The results of such wealthy geological and mineral activity are four Pilbara marble types, each with their own unique and charismatic personalities :


> Pilbara Red (Rosso Venezia)
> Pilbara Green (Verde Venezia)
> Austral Dream (Dolce Vita)
> Austral Pearl (Bianca Dolce Vita)




Austral Dream Marble is available in slabs for internal wall and floor applications, or external cladding.  Bespoke sizes cut from blocks also available for larger projects.

Slab sizes : typically 3.2×1.6m / 20mm thickness.

Austral Dream Marble Colours…

Austral Dream presents a a range of colour tones from light pearly cream, through greys and light browns.

Austral Dream Marble Project Examples…

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