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Project Overview

Veronese Porphyry Driveway / Private House, Beaconsfield

500m2 driveway and car pool.  Stone supplied and installed by The Italian Porphyry Company.   Groundworks carried out by Richard Clark Building.

Technical info: In addition to being an aesthetic solution,  the entire carpool area suffered from a serious drainage issue, causing water run-off to cascade into surrounding patio and garden areas. The new porphyry driveway was laid onto a bed of free draining Steintec Tuffgrit, with joints of the same material.  The entire carpool area now acts as a drain and soak-away — filtering water before it reaches surrounding areas — as well as a visual delight to compliment the English brickwork of the property.

The installation work was carried out over a two week period. The porphyry cubes were laid by hand by two Italian artisans from the Trento region of northern Italy.