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We’ve signed up for a BETTER BUSINESS ACT!

24 April 2023

We’ve joined the likes of Virgin, Patagonia, Innocent and Iceland and signed up to the Better Business Act campaign.

The current business act of 2006 only requires businesses to report on financials and be accountable to shareholders. But a small change in the law will ensure that every single company in the UK, whether big or small, takes ownership of its social and environmental impact. Profit has no value if it strips the health of our environment – we can never truly call ourselves an ‘advanced’ economy until we consider the future of our planet and people in our business decision making.



The objective is to see these four principles reflected in an amended Section 172 of the Companies Act:

Aligned Interests

The interests of shareholders are now advanced alongside those of wider society and the environment. This establishes a new principle of fiduciary duty within Section 172 of the Companies Act.

Empowering directors

This change must empower directors to exercise their judgement in weighing up and advancing the interests of all stakeholders.

Default change

This change must apply to all businesses by default. It must no longer be optional to benefit wider stakeholders beyond shareholders.


Reflected in reporting

Following this change, businesses must report on how they balance people, planet and profit in a strategic report or impact report, where one is currently required.


For more information see the Better Business Act Campaign here >>>