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Lavastone (Basalt)


Quarried from the base of Mount Etna in Sicily, lavastone (also known as basalt) is an incredible material for the contemporary specifier, with many internal and external applications.

Due to its versatility (it will withstand extreme heat) the stone can be finished in a much wider range of  surface textures, colours and tones than other stones. It can be honed, polished, bush-hammered etc. in the normal way, but also baked to create a jet black lustre. In addition, the lavastone can be glazed which results in vast possibilities of colour finishes which can be applied to flat lavastone surfaces and also 3-dimensional lavastone forms.

We offer four main formats for lavastone finishes :

1. Etna Grey – Natural Colour with various textured finishes applied (traditional polished, honed, bush hammered etc.)

2. Etna Black – Baked Finishes (surface fired in an oven)

3. Pattern Glaze Finishes (glaze applied by screen print process)

4. All Over Glaze Finishes (glaze finish to change the surface colour of the stone)

*Please note, all finishes are produced to order on a project basis.


All Over Glaze Finishes


A variety  of glaze colours and textures can be applied to the lavastone flat surfaces and 3-Dimensional lava shapes.



Glaze textures…

Glaze colours…

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